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  • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • 25 March 2021
  • NZGBC Office
  • Level 2, Tower 1, 205 Queen Street
  • Auckland
Price (exclusive of GST)
  • $595.00 for members
  • $895.00 for non-members
  • $495.00 for future thinker

Homestar Assessor v4

The Homestar Assessor course is the second step in your Homestar journey and equips you with the skills and expertise to design and certify homes against the certified Homestar rating tool.
This course focuses on teaching an in-depth understanding of the theory and application of the certified Homestar rating tool, mastery of conducting an environmental assessment of residential stand-alone and attached homes, as well as the processes involved in acquiring and collating appropriate documentation, managing and producing a Homestar Design Rating and Certified Assessment.

Course format

This course is delivered as an online format consisting of:

  1. Pre-course modules covering how to use the rating tool and available to view in your own time ahead of the face-to-face session
  2. An interactive face-to-face session with presenter who will guide you through a project submission

Have you completed the Homestar Practitioner course and exam?

In order to attend the Assessor training, every attendee will need to have completed the Practitioner course and qualification, including the exam.
There is also a requirement to compete some pre-course work which will be sent to you prior to the in-person training.

Online Practitioner

Course participants

This course is targeted at those who wish to conduct Homestar Assessments of stand-alone or attached residential buildings including apartments. An understanding of current building code and practices as well as a familiarity with architectural drawings and specifications is recommended.


A series of assessments need to be completed in order to achieve qualification as a Homestar Assessor. They will require additional time investment beyond attending the course and must be completed within the specified time-frames. As such, please ensure that you have sufficient time for the following:

  • Written examination using the Certified Tool - to be completed within 4 weeks of attending the course
  • Following the successful completion of these assessments, you will be required to sign the Homestar Assessor Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions under which you agree to operate as a Homestar Assessor.
  • In the course fee included is 1 x FREE typology if you register within the first 6 months of attending this course.


Find a list of frequently asked questions here.

NOTE: Homestar is currently going under a big review with version 5 due to be launched in early 2021. This means, there will be some significant changes to the training. Additional costs may apply.

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