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  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • 10 March 2021
  • Webinar
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Sustainably Sourced Engineered Wood for a Low Carbon Future

For our next Products & Materials webinar, hear from a panel of experts about Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the future of engineered wood products.

Our interview guests will join us from Responsible Wood and Scion

Simon Dorries, Chief Executive Officer and Jason Ross, Marketing and Communications Officer from Responsible Wood will give an overview of PEFC.

Andrea Stocchero, Sustainable Architect at Scion will then tackle the question 'can sustainably sourced engineered wood be one of Aotearoa’s shovel ready answer for a sustainable future?' and will provide a lens on how building with sustainable wood can contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change mitigation while ensuring intergenerational prosperity & wellbeing.

Brad Crowley
, Senior manager - Buildings and communities at the NZGBC will the ask probing questions about sustainably sourced engineered wood. You can put your questions to our guests too.

Responsible Wood are committed to protecting and promoting Australia’s unique environments with standards that ensure a forest industry that is environmentally, socially, culturally and commercially sustainable.

Scion is a Crown research institute that specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood product, wood-derived materials, and other biomaterial sectors.

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Simon Dorries