Laying the foundations over lockdown

29 April 2020

The last month of lockdown has been tough, especially for those in the construction sector. While people have been off the tools, we have been incredibly pleased to see some have been able to crack on with projects and get their rating registrations and projects through. While the future is uncertain, we’re proud to see that there’s still huge appetite for building better and a greener Aotearoa.

Over the last month our Homestar team have been kept incredibly busy with 29 built ratings and 144 design ratings. We’ve also had 365 dwellings registered over this period with a lot more still being processed. That brings the total number of homes registered this financial year to 2743. The last month has put real emphasis on the need for warm, healthy, dry places to live. This hugely promising pipeline of work for the residential space shows momentum continues to grow towards better housing.

For the country’s commercial projects we’ve had more Green Star projects registered than we’d hoped. Last week we had two new projects register, bringing the total to 25 this financial year. Currently we have over 60 projects on the go. It appears the last month of lockdown has allowed projects to redirect resources to getting their submissions prepared which will keep our team busy with assessments.

Despite the vast majority of New Zealanders working from home, work on creating efficient office spaces has continued. We’ve had 6 new NABERSNZ registrations and 7 certifications since lockdown started.

All these stats paint a picture. Projects are still rolling in, there’s appetite to build and to build well, and there’s a solid foundation of projects to build a better Aotearoa. We’re geared up for it and with a mountain of investment and activity aimed at recovering after lockdown there’s huge opportunity to keep going. Let’s do this.