NZGBC responds to new sustainable Government procurement requirements

16 September 2020

Today’s announcement that 138 Government departments and agencies will have to assess the greenhouse gas emissions from their new building projects sends a strong message to the sector to start acting on climate, the Green Building Council (NZGBC) says.

“If we don’t tackle building emissions we will fail to meet our climate obligations under the Paris Agreement, and our own Zero Carbon Act. This step is something we’ve been urging the Government to take up for some time, and will help ensure it’s doing its bit to ease the burden on our environment,” NZGBC chief executive Andrew Eagles says.

“It also sends a strong message to the sector that they need to be considering what materials they’re building with, and how they’re designing and constructing the buildings of tomorrow. The sector now has clear direction to upskill and consider climate.”

However, while this change embeds consideration of the emissions in Government construction, it fails to set out meaningful sustainable targets or timelines.

“The Government needs to set out a trajectory to ensure new buildings are zero energy by 2030, and mandate the measurement and benchmarking of building performance through the likes of NABERSNZ,” Andrew Eagles says.

NABERSNZ is an energy efficiency rating system licensed by the Government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and administered by the NZGBC.

“While embedding consideration of emissions in Government procurement is a welcome and important step, until we provide meaningful benchmarks and targets our efforts to help mitigate climate change will be rudderless and likely ineffective.”

What the new government needs to achieve next term is the focus of discussion during the upcoming World Green Building Week. Together with Auckland Conversations, a host of industry experts will weigh in on the challenges they’re facing and what the new government needs to focus on over the next three years. Find out more here