2020 Photo Competition winners

30 November 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved and entered this year's photo competition. This year we asked you to focusing on healthy, resilient communities. 

Our team of 5 million has adapted to change, and embraced the importance of having a safe, comfortable place to live, healthy green spaces, and strong communities to support one another. So we were keen to see images that capture those themes, that demonstrated what makes our communities great places to live, work and play in. 

The winners were chosen by our panel of judges - David St George, Patrick Clifford, and Jennifer Whittle. 

Congratulations to this year's first place winners Baptiste Marconnet and Hannah Davey!

Open Winner: Baptiste Marconnet

Instagram- @baptistenz

Sumner Skate Ramp - kids having fun - Christchurch

Open 2nd Place: Krupa Patel



Open 3rd Place: Miller Guirguis


Student Winner: Hannah Davey

"Taken just after level three in Oratia, during a walk with my Hasselblad film camera. I had forgotten my light metre so was unsure whether to risk shooting, but this lady in yellow stepped out of the trees at the perfect moment and I took the shot. Our green spaces and parks were so important during lockdown and it's incredible what an array of different people utilise these spaces when you just take a moment to sit and watch."

Instagram: hannah_promise_ @hannah.promise.photo

Stranger on a Wednesday

Student 2nd Place: Kenny Leung

Taken on Wellington's waterfront with Te Wharewaka building in the background.

shape | light | shadow | play

Student 3rd Place: Will Meng

Instagram: @Augustaeum

A Mason's Mirrors

A huge thank you to this year's competition sponsor