Latest news on the upcoming updated Homestar

31 March 2021

Thanks to the heaps of feedback and recommendations we received during the consultation, we’ve been working on the next tool update for Homestar.

We’d like to provide a short update regarding the transition from Homestar v4 to Homestar v5. Do have a read of the below, and, as always, if you have any questions, please email

Launch of Homestar v5

We’ve been working alongside the Homestar Steering Group and Expert Reference Panel to develop the latest version of Homestar. The ideas received from the Homestar community during our first consultation helped us develop the Draft Homestar v5 Technical Manual. Our second consultation round has recently closed, and we’re working to include your feedback into the final v5 Technical Manual.

Homestar v5 will be available on 19 April 2021. While the Technical Manual will be released on this date, this will be a launch for pilot projects only. If you wish to pilot v5 on one of your projects, please email us. If your project is selected for the pilot, we will issue you the scorecards, calculators, and other resources you need to complete your assessment.

Homestar v5 will be finalised and released to the public following this pilot phase in August 2021.

Phase out of Homestar v4

We will continue to accept Homestar registration under v4 until 30 September 2021. Projects registered up until this date may certify under either v4 or v5. All projects registered from 1 October 2021 must certify under v5.

If you chose to certify under v4, your project must either:

a) achieve a Built Rating within 24 months of registration, or

b) achieve a Design Rating within 12 months of registration, and then a Built Rating within 24 months of the Design Rating

as per the Homestar Terms and Conditions.

V5 training

We have run our last Homestar v4 Assessor trainings and the V4 Practitioner training is no longer available. Homestar v5 training will be available from August 2021.