We’ve refreshed our brand

22 April 2021

Right now is the most important time ever for the green building movement.

Thanks to your ongoing support, we’re on the cusp of significant change.

But if we’re going to succeed it is essential that our messages reach the right audiences, that they are heard, are resonant, and, most importantly of all, have impact.

To have the utmost impact, we want to make every single encounter New Zealanders have with us a memorable, interesting experience. Whether that’s seeing us in the news, reading our reports and briefings, in meetings, hearing one of us speak at a conference or even just in a phone call.

The sum totality of all those experiences, for audiences including our members, politicians, local councillors, sustainability advocates, and wider New Zealanders, will define whether our mission in successful.

And the sum totality of those experiences is the Green Building Council brand.

We’ve recently refreshed our brand. You’ll probably have noticed our new logo. But our brand is so much more than a logo. Our brand exists in the hearts and minds of everyone who comes into contact with us. It’s what people feel when they think about the Green Building Council.

Our brand is what we do, every day, built on the foundations of our values. If we’re living our values, of independence, of being passionate about engaging with everyone who wants green buildings, of being visionary and thought-provoking, everyday, in all we do, we’re going to have more impact.

And, right now, working together with people like you, we’re doing all we can to have real impact, create lasting change, and catapult healthy, warm homes and green, zero carbon buildings right into the present, and into the lives of all New Zealanders.