ASB support for Homestar homes

02 June 2021

Photo by Sulthan Auliya on Unsplash

In support of the drive for healthier homes across Aotearoa, ASB has launched its Back my Build home loan. For eligible customers designing and building to 6 Homestar or above, ASB is offering a cash contribution of $2000.]

With a headline variable rate of 1.79% for 36 months, Back My Build is available to Kiwis building their own home, or buying new via a home off the plan or home and land package. At the time of its launch in May, economists said the new deal could support the housing market by encouraging more house building.

ASB said: “A more sustainable housing market is about increasing housing supply, but it is also about creating more energy-efficient healthy homes. That is why we have partnered with the New Zealand Green Building Council to encourage Back My Build homes to incorporate sustainability principles, by reimbursing customers $2,000 if they can evidence their intent to build a 6 Homestar rated home, or higher.”

In terms of inquiries, the impact has been immediate. We’re already fielding calls from ASB customers across Aotearoa keen to find out more about designing to Homestar. 

With ASB, Westpac and ANZ all offering home loan or home improvement loans, it’s a great step toward healthier homes for our whānau.