Update on COVID-19:

We acknowledge that, due to the COVID-19 emergency, it’s going to be difficult to carry out NABERSNZ assessments over the coming months. Site visits are not going to be possible and many buildings are not, in any case, operating as usual. So we thought some guidance, as well as flexibility, would be helpful. NABERSNZ has now officially published the Ruling - Managing impacts of COVID-19 on NABERSNZ ratings_v2.0.pdf. NABERSNZ Assessors may use the Ruling for ratings effective immediately.

This Ruling is adapted from the document released by NABERS Australia, and we acknowledge that there will be additional issues likely to arise in the coming days and weeks, which may not be captured in the Ruling yet. We will continue monitoring the situation and working on further clarifications or updated versions if needed. We would be open to any feedback and queries so please do get in touch to the NABERSNZ team at


EECA Business in collaboration with the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) has introduced NABERSNZ - a scheme to measure and rate the energy performance of office buildings in New Zealand in 2013.

The scheme is based on National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS). Launched in 1999, NABERS is mandatory for commercial office space of 1,000m2 or more which is offered for sale or lease in Australia. NABERSNZ has been adapted for New Zealand conditions by the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ).

How does NABERSNZ work?

A NABERSNZ rating takes into consideration:

  • The climatic conditions in which the building operates
  • The building size and occupancy
  • The hours of use
  • The level of services it provides
  • The energy sources (e.g. electricity, gas, coal, diesel) it uses

NABERSNZ ensures your building is compared fairly against its market peers. To ensure your real-life performance data is comparable with other buildings, it’s sometimes necessary to make adjustments that account for the specific location and use of your building.

The adjusted data is then compared to NABERSNZ benchmark data, and a star rating is calculated that reflects your building’s performance.

Benefits of a NABERSNZ rating

A NABERSNZ rating helps building owners and tenants to understand, compare and improve energy performance. Along the way it can help building owners and tenants develop ongoing assessments and improvements to building energy performance.

A good Certified Rating is a strong indicator of market appeal. International experience has shown the benefits are more than just financial benefits, such as reduced operating costs, increased value, increased rental income and reduced vacancy rates. It also provides market recognition and a competitive advantage for building owners and tenants who operate in an environmentally efficient manner; helps to create a better work environment for employees; and provides a credible, independently verified means for benchmarking and monitoring actual improvements in performance.

The starting point is to accurately measure and rate your building’s or tenancy’s energy performance.


NABERSNZ helps you understand how well you’re managing energy in your building or tenancy. You can get an idea of how your building is performing, and how you could improve, by using the free online self assessment tool. When you’re ready, a NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor can help you get a Certified Rating.


A NABERSNZ Certified Rating is much more than just an accurate measure of how well you are using energy. Your Accredited Assessor can help you identify areas where you can improve energy performance to make immediate and long-term savings, often without additional capital spending. Once you’ve started the journey to better energy management, you can improve your star rating over time. As there’s no obligation to publish Certified Ratings, your rating will help you decide what energy saving actions to target.


A NABERSNZ Certified Rating gives you a competitive advantage. It communicates at a glance your organisation’s commitment to energy management and can help you stand out in the marketplace. Ratings can be compared, regardless of building/tenancy size, or climate – it doesn’t matter if you're in Auckland or Invercargill.

To learn more about benefits of NABERSNZ Certified Rating, please visit NABERSNZ website.