Certification cost

NABERSNZ Certified Ratings are carried out by Assessors who operate independently and negotiate their own fees. As a guide, getting a NABERSNZ Certified Rating should cost between $1,000 to $6,000 depending on the type of rating you are undertaking, the size of your building, and the difficulty of gathering the appropriate data. In general, the cost of second and subsequent ratings should be lower, because much of the preparatory work will be done for the first rating. The price is market-driven, and we recommend that you seek several quotes from Assessors before proceeding.

The fee for Certification from the New Zealand Green Building Council is $990 (excl GST).

We are offering discounted NABRESNZ certification fee where:

  • The rating is for an area of less than 1,000 square meters, 30% discount on certification fee applies;
  • The re-ratings are premises rated previously (re-ratings), 30% discount on certification fee applies;
  • 3 or more ratings are registered by same client at one time, 30% discount on certification fee applies;

In order to save on the cost of your rating,

  • Ensure all rating information is available at the time of the assessment - costs will increase if the assessor needs to locate missing information such as energy bills
  • Avoid unnecessary site visits - costs may increase if an assessor needs to make multiple visits to your tenancy
  • Note that subsequent costs of an assessment should be lower following the initial rating provided the same Assessor is engaged

Direct funding for Certified Ratings is not available, but much of the work you can do to improve your rating can attract funding. To learn more about funding and support to improve your building’s energy and efficiency, please visit EECA website: Funding and Support to improve your building's energy efficiency