How to?

How to prepare for a Certified Rating?

The key to a timely and accurate NABERSNZ rating is preparation. You’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary data on hand and readily available for your NABERSNZ Assessor. This will save you time and money and make the process much easier.

Data required for a NABERSNZ Certified Rating:

  • Utility bills covering 12 months of energy data
  • Up to date survey drawings that in line with PCNZ standard
  • Hour of occupancy
  • Computer counts for tenancy or whole building rating

A Certified Rating is conducted by an Assessor in compliance with the NABERSNZ Rules for collecting and using data. In some circumstances your Assessor may require more detailed information to perform your rating application.

Note that submetering is required for tenancy or base building ratings. If there is inadequate submetering, a whole building rating should be performed.

How to improve my rating?

Obtaining an accredited NABERSNZ rating is just the start of your path to measure energy performance of your office building or tenancy. Once you know how efficient your premises are in comparison with your peers, you can start to make improvements. Here outline some useful tips to save energy use and improve your rating:

  • Establish an energy management strategy for your company
  • Energy monitoring and reporting to identify potential inefficient energy use areas
  • Fine tune and commission to improve current building management systems to efficiently control lighting, heating and cooling system
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Behaviour changes of tenants and employees to take consideration of energy savings
  • Replace non-energy efficient office appliances

How to design to be NABERSNZ compliant?

A clear trend shows that a growing number of agreements to design new buildings or retrofit existing buildings now include a NABERSNZ related clause, and there are strong needs from design teams to correctly understand of NABERSNZ requirements on sub-metering.

It is recommended that all sub-metering is installed in accordance with the NABERSNZ Rules. NABERSNZ requires that tenancy and base building loads are metered separately. The following gives an overview of the NABERSNZ energy metering requirements:

Base Building Energy Use Metering

Tenancy Energy Use Metering

Refer to NABERSNZ Energy for Office Rules for additional information or contact NABRRSNZ team by email or call 09 951 0732

How to claim points for NABERSNZ Certified Rating under Green Star Performance?

There are points available based greenhouse gas emissions outcomes of the building as verified by a NABERSNZ Certified Rating in Green Star Performance tool. A valid and current NABERSNZ Certified Rating must be used to claim points when this pathway is selected. Details are defined within Green Star Performance submission guideline. Please contact NABERSNZ team for further advice and clarification by email or call 09 951 0732.