Certification process

A Certified Rating generally takes six to eight weeks from start to finish. The best way to ensure a timely rating is to keep good records and have all the appropriate data on hand.

Generally a rating application will progress through the following process:

  • The client (building owner/manager/tenant) engages an Assessor to carry out a NABERSNZ Certified Rating.
  • The Assessor compiles data, including a site visit to the building for verification, and input data into the Certified Rating tool.
  • The Assessor submits the rating for client authorisation.
  • The client reviews and decides whether to proceed with the rating.
  • NZGBC receives and registers certification payment ($990 + GST).
  • NZGBC audits, verifies and certifies the rating.
  • The client is notified of certification and receives an electronic Rating Certificate and Rating Report.

Note: if using a Trainee Assessor an additional supervised audit is required.

NZGBC endeavours to process completed rating applications within two working weeks of their receipt. Note this process may take longer if a rating application is found to not comply and further information is needed from the Assessor.

How to prepare for a Certified Rating?

The key to a timely and accurate NABERSNZ rating is preparation. You’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary data on hand and readily available for your NABERSNZ Assessor. This will save you time and money and make the process much easier.

Data required for a NABERSNZ Certified Rating:

  • Utility bills covering 12 months of energy data
  • Up to date survey drawings inline with PCNZ standard
  • Hours of occupancy
  • Computer counts for tenancy or whole building rating

A free online self-assessment rating is also available to help get an initial idea about how your property might rate and what it will take to achieve a target NABERSNZ Certified Rating. The results of this tool are indicative only, based on the data you submit and should not be taken as a guarantee of achieving a specific star rating or promoted or published.

A Certified Rating is conducted by an Assessor in compliance with the NABERSNZ Rules for collecting and using data. In some circumstances your Assessor may require more detailed information to perform your rating application.

Note that submetering is required for tenancy or base building ratings. If there is inadequate submetering, a whole building rating should be performed.

How to improve a rating

A NABERSNZ rating is just the start of a journey. Once you know how efficient your premises is compared to your peers, you can start to make improvements ahead of re-rating. Here are some useful tips to save energy use and improve your rating next time:

  • Establish an energy management strategy for your company
  • Energy monitoring and reporting to identify potential inefficient energy use areas
  • Fine tune and commission to improve current building management systems to efficiently control lighting, heating and cooling system
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Behaviour changes of tenants and employees to take consideration of energy savings
  • Replace non-energy efficient office appliances

Designing for NABERSNZ 

We are seeing a growing number NABERSNZ related clauses as part of new building design agreements and retrofit projects, and there are strong needs from design teams to correctly understand of NABERSNZ requirements on sub-metering. 

NABERSNZ requires that tenancy and base building loads are metered separately. It is recommended that all sub-metering is installed in accordance with the NABERSNZ Rules.  

How much does a rating cost?

NABERSNZ Assessors operate independently and negotiate their own fees. As a guide, a NABERSNZ rating should cost between $1,000 to $6,000 depending on the type of rating, building size, and complexity of gathering data. The price is market-driven and we recommend that you seek several quotes from Assessors before proceeding.

The  New Zealand Green Building Council certification fee is $990 (excl GST).

A 30% certification fee discount is available for;

  • ratings of an area less than 1,000 square meters.
  • premises rated previously (re-ratings)
  • clients registering 3 or more ratings at one time

Generally the cost of second and subsequent ratings should be lower with much of the preparatory work already done for the first rating. 

Direct funding for Certified Ratings is not available however work to improve your rating can attract funding. To learn more about funding and support to improve your building’s energy and efficiency visit the EECA website.