NABERSNZ rating process

Obtaining a Certified Rating generally takes six to eight weeks from start to finish. The best way to ensure an Assessor completes the rating quickly is to keep good records and have all the appropriate data on hand.

Here's the rating application process:

  • The client (building owner/manager/tenant) engages an Assessor to carry out a NABERSNZ Certified Rating.
  • The Assessor compiles data, including a site visit to the building for verification, and input data into the Certified Rating tool.
  • The Assessor submits the rating for client authorisation.
  • Client reviews and approves/declines the rating to be proceeded.
  • NZGBC receives and registers certification payment ($990 + GST).
  • NZGBC audits, verifies and certifies the rating.
  • Client is notified of certification and receives an electronic Rating Certificate and Rating Report.

Note: the process is slightly different for Trainee Assessor, where supervised audit is required.

NZGBC endeavours to process completed rating applications within two working weeks of their receipt. Note that this process may take longer if a rating application is found to not comply and follow up with the Assessor is required.