Arti Prasad

Senior Investment Strategist, Responsible Investment
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After graduating I was driven, determined, and wanted to embark on a career where I felt I was making a difference. Out of the various roles offered at the time, I took a graduate role at the Ministry for Environment – for the basic reason - I was passionate about acting as the stewardship of the world’s most important resource – the environment.

My attitude in pushing boundaries led to a key legislative change in New Zealand’s financial institutions disclosure requirement for environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices (Kiwi Saver Scheme).

This interest in working with financial institutions led me to embarking on my existing career path with New Zealand’s 25 billion sovereign wealth Fund – New Zealand superannuation Fund. As a Senior Investment Analyst on Responsible Investment (RI) - my speciality includes being a key change agent in promoting best practice in the management of the Fund’s portfolio. My role includes integration of ESG factors into investments, portfolio monitoring of ESG breaches, due diligence of investments, and I also lead the RI collaboration between the Fund and two other NZ Crown Financial Institutions.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing a 6 month secondment to the Queensland Investment Corporation to develop their Responsible Investment strategy and team programmes. Loved it!

Outside of work, I am active in the community, especially helping migrants settle into New Zealand. Being a migrant to New Zealand herself, I understand the emotional and physical challenges one experiences settling into a new place.

I am a keen sportswomen and most importantly I have an extensive network of friends and family that I love to spend time with.

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