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LCA Specialist
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Global Green Tag International

Nana Bortsie-Aryee is an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) Specialist with the advanced product certification company Global GreenTag International, serving on the company’s scientific assessment team. He says, showing proof of manufacturing processes from an environmental perspective, is critical to improve transparency forBefore Global GreenTag, Nana worked extensively in sustainability and environmental management on the global stage in both developed and developing countries. He has applied his skills as an LCA, industrial ecology researcher and solutions provider in projects from Africa to the United States to Germany, Eastern Europe, Asia and also in New Zealand where he’s finalizing work on his doctorate degree from the University of Otago, focusing research on water footprinting management in New Zealand’s livestock industry.

Nana also has authored and co-authored a number of academic papers and publications concerned with the integration of Life Cycle Analysis thinking and practices. He holds a number of degrees, including a Bachelor of Science from the University of Ghana and two Masters degrees in Environmental technologies and Environmental policy and administration with a focus on international co-operation policy from from Germany and Japan respectively.

Experienced in planning and implementation of transdisciplinary sustainable projects, sustainability assessments and strategy development, including material flow analysis and comprehensive data management, Nana’s interests encompass the growth of renewable energy systems, clean technologies, sustainable waste management, sustainable water management, industrial material flow management and regional material flow management.

Nana has delivered at a number of international conferences, including for SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) and the IEEE symposium on sustainable systems and technology. He is a professional member of SETAC and the International Society for Industrial Ecology and currently also working with Global GreenTag International to expand the uptake of the Global GreenTag Product Certification Standard into more nations in sub-continent Africa.

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