Delight M. Sedzro

Building Services Engineer
AUT University
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PhD, Engineering

Delight M. Sedzro, is a doctoral student at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He holds a Master of Science degree in Building services Engineering with Sustainable Energy from Brunel University, London. Delight worked as a Lecturer at the Regional University (Ghana) and the New Zealand Maritime School (Auckland).

He also worked as a researcher with the Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings Institute of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), as well as the Brew Hammond Energy Research Centre in Ghana. In line with gaining industrial experience, Delight worked as a sustainability engineer at Artikas Ltd. (Ghana), and was instrumental in the sustainability aspect of some key governmental projects sponsored by the UK government over the period. Delight is passionate about empowering the youth to be at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment. His current project explores the impact of certain architectural features on low cost unglazed solar thermal collectors.