Brad Crowley

Senior manager - Buildings and Communities
DDI: 099510733
Mob: 0273141485
Bus: 09 3793996
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Brad is the Manager of the Green Star rating tool where he assists the Green Star team and identifies new opportunities to use the quiver of Green Star tools (Design and As-Built, Performance, Interior, Communties) to make buildings better.

Brad Crowley has had a passion about all things related to water for some time. He has a diverse background related to this element including many years doing environmental and safety inspections/ audits of vessels. While getting his Geography Master’s degree back in the late 1990s Brad first heard about Sustainability and Green Buildings. Ever since he has been advocating for green buildings and sustainability including starting up his own business creating and installing rainwater catchment systems in Portland, Oregon. Living in Portland he was exposed to many different technologies and practices including natural building, green roofs, and positive urban planning among many others. Brad has a positive outlook on seeing what he and NZGBC can do to encourage healthier and more environmentally friendly buildings and communities in Aotearoa.

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