Bhumika Mistry

Technical Coordinator - Green Star
DDI: 09 951 0744
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Bhumika is a Technical Coordinator for Green Star, helping facilitate and manage the Green Star certification process for commercial projects. As a coordinator she is engaged in all stages of the certification and collaborates with assessors and project teams to achieve their Green Star ratings.

She previously worked as an Architectural Designer primarily focusing on building consent documentation.

Bhumika has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture Professional from the University of Auckland. Bhumika’s Architectural thesis ‘Visible Morality’ focused on challenging the notion of commodification and exchange through theoretical discourse of western state-capitalism and power relations.

Bhumika is also a teaching assistant at the University of Auckland (Architecture technology 314 – Environmental Design 2) and a Green Star Accredited Professional for Design & As Built NZv1.0 and Communities.