Update from Alex: Keeping relevant in the market with Green Star v3

29 June 2016

Yesterday marked an important moment for NZGBC – the release of version 3 of Green Star, the biggest review of what has been our flagship tool and brand, since 2009. The move is important because it marks an evolution in how we have been able to deliver Green Star in the market.

Whilst it has not been perfect, Green Star has dramatically changed how the market designs and constructs buildings that will last the distance. It has paved the way for numerous businesses to adapt, evolve and seize the opportunity that sustainable buildings offer. It has also radically influenced the quality of buildings at the top end of the market. We now strive to broaden that influence and encourage a larger proportion of the value chain to deliver a sustainable built environment.

We have worked on Green Star so that it is more agile and flexible and so that it can more readily recognise and reward the innovations that are happening at the cutting edge of the market. Our intention with this evolution is to keep pushing the market to innovate, to take more radical steps to achieve sustainability, and to create the kinds of buildings that we can be proud of into the future.

Alongside the launch of Green Star v3, we have also publicly released Homestar v3 as a PILOT tool. We’re keen to get your detailed feedback as your perspective is important in shaping the final form as we change and progress this tool too.

I’d like to close on voicing my appreciation for your support over the last financial year. It has been gratifying to have so many passionate and engaged organisations willing to lend a hand, get stuck in with technical detail, and provide the necessary financial support to carry on the work we do.

Thank you!

Warm regards, Alex