2017 – Giving you a better sleep at night

27 January 2017

It’s been a fantastic period since I started in October 2016. We celebrated 10 years, I got to know my talented team and we’ve turned our attention to understanding more about your needs.

I’ve met many members and others, in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown and read with interest your replies to our new annual survey. Thank you to the more than 170 people who provided such productive input!

In the recent member survey, you told us that you are happy with our service, with 77% of respondents being very satisfied or satisfied. The NZGBC team has been examining survey responses to see how we can deliver even better outcomes for you.

Simpler tools that are even more aligned with market needs - Homestar is our methodology for independently certifying the quality of homes. Uptake has grown tenfold in the last year and a half.

We are not standing still. Our technical team is currently working with industry colleagues to streamline Homestar so that it is quicker to use, but just as robust.

Building occupants and owners are showing increasing interest in operational energy efficiency and well-being in buildings. To support this, in 2017, we are introducing a new performance tool that will cover energy, waste, water, transport and more. Old buildings will be able to measure their performance and compare themselves with new office buildings. NABERSNZ accreditation will meet the requirements of the energy element of this performance tool.

Influencing for a better future – as members, you have signalled that you want NZGBC to help Government, businesses and the man-in-the-street to hear our message. We have been making more noise about how quality buildings and homes deliver better quality lives and save money. We are actively:

  • encouraging councils to consider incentives for better buildings and homes
  • keeping national media and regional newspapers informed and eager
  • discussing policies with political parties
  • meeting with senior officials who deliver homes and places
  • “But how does all this help me sleep?” I hear you ask. Well, we are an evidence-based crew here at NZGBC.

    There’s compelling new research on the economic benefits of better buildings. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found green certified buildings make you work more productively, stay healthy and sleep better (see study). Oh, and if you are an investor there is another element that may help you sleep. Your investments in green certified buildings will have: lower capital expenditure (0.25 percentage points), 6 percent lower vacancy rates and 2 percent better return than the market as demonstrated in the MSCI/PCA Green Property Index June 2016.

    It seems if you want a good night’s sleep it’s all about getting on the green ‘building’ train.