Container home achieves Homestar 8 rating

27 July 2017

No need to sail away from quality in this container ship build. The home in Rauhuia Cres Parau, has achieved a Homestar 8 rating. It’s the first container home in New Zealand to achieve a Homestar rating, the independent tool overseen by the New Zealand Green Building Council that rates and communicates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand homes. The home uses a 40-foot plus a 20-foot high cube container, providing roughly 45m2 of space. It can be configured into a two or three bedroom home by using a portable wardrobe that can convert into a room divider. IQ Container Homes Director Brenda Kelly says sustainable container homes are a smart solution in this modern world.

“We were motivated by the desire for a sustainable home with minimal environmental impact and low running costs, so the Homestar scheme was a logical place to turn. “The guidelines enabled us to consider and incorporate design features and specifications at the outset that has led to this achievement. “The rating provides independent recognition of the measures IQ Container Homes take to create warm, healthy, energy and water efficient homes with minimal waste and environmental impact.”