Ideal House

24 September 2018

The Ideal House is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3 living area family home located in Beachlands, South-East Auckland. It was designed to be an educational show-home for two years during which time it was opened every two weeks to showcase high performance building.

The home was completed in 2014, and is certified as Passive House Plus and has a 10 Homestar Built rating.

The home produces around 35% more power that it consumes over a year and can maintain 20 degrees all year without any heating, and also enjoys low humidity and CO2 levels due to its balanced heat exchanged ventilation system and other technologies.

Section Size: 860m2
Floor Area: 254m2

  • 10 Homestar Built rating
  • 2nd Passive House Plus Certified Home in NZ
  • Air-tightness 0.45 air changes per hour at 50 pascals
  • 8kW grid tied PV system (32 panels) with electric car charger - home produces around twice the power it consumes
  • Over slab floating floor system on rubber cradles (insulation, services and ergonomic benefits)
  • Double skin timber walls with intello
  • High stud with vaulted ceilings, 2.4m internal doors
  • Triple glazing, uPVC joinery from Europe
  • Whole home balance heat exchanged ventilation system
  • 50,000L underground water storage and filtration system

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