Class of 2018 NZGBC interns

30 November 2018

Summer is here and so are the NZGBC summer interns. We are proud to offer our internship programme to NZGBC Future Thinkers. We asked them a couple of questions:

Eleanor just graduated in Environmental Science and Geography, from University of Victoria, Wellington.

"Everyone here [at NZGBC] has really varied backgrounds, not just architects!

I’ve been helping with the development of the HomeFit online check which is new and exciting for me. I get to go along to meetings with the app developers and I have been helping finish the technical manual.

I’d really like to improve my building design knowledge, so I have been reading the technical manuals and learning building lingo. I’d be keen to head out and see some of the green buildings around Auckland while I am here.

Next step: I’m planning to start an Msc in Urban Management and Development, with a focus on Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change which should tie together my interests in the environment and sustainable cities quite nicely."

Favourite food? Potato chips.

Carlin graduated this year with a BE(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Auckland.

"The biggest surprise has been how easy it has been to feel like I am part of the team. I can genuinely say that I’m happy whenever I turn up to work.

I don’t have any specific goals while I'm here – I just want to get as much out of the internship as possible by applying myself to the work I do, learning as much as I can, and getting to know the NZGBC team well.

I’m currently looking at how different wall/ window/ floor ratios affect the heating loads of different kinds of residential dwellings (terraced, apartment and standalone). The New Zealand Building Code, which uses a window to external wall ratio, was created with standalone dwellings in mind. This means that the thermal envelope standards don’t necessarily reflect the performance of, for example, a mid-level apartment with only one external wall. A similar approach to that described in the Building Code can be used for one of the Homestar credits so the work I’m doing will be considered for future improvements to Homestar.

I am technically-minded, but I also have an interest in public policy and one of the great things about working with NZGBC is that you get exposed to both of these areas. In the long term, I would like to be in a position where I am actively involved in creating and modifying built environments with health, equity and sustainability in mind, while also having role to play in the creation and implementation of relevant public policies." Carlin is starting a position at WSP-Opus in Wellington in February.

Favourite food? Large amounts and often!

Kate, has just completed a second year BA in Psychology and Marketing at University of Otago.

"Although being very new to NZGBC (my first week actually) I have been pleasantly surprised about how welcoming, supportive and inspirational everyone here is!

At the moment I am working on creating content for the NZGBC social media platforms, and for the Future Thinkers student-based group. Along with this, I am helping others in the marketing and membership team with anything they need doing.

I would like to improve my marketing skills and use my knowledge to increase awareness of ways in which our community can improve their homes and buildings to be happy and healthy – as sadly many are not up to standard. I would also like to spread what I have learnt this Summer to other students in Otago, as many flats there are neither warm nor healthy.

Long-term I'd like to understand the best ways to make people change their attitudes and consequently behaviour, to improve our planet. I plan on doing a master’s degree in marketing after finishing my bachelor’s degree.

I'm an Aucklander, and my favourite spots are the beautiful west coast beaches, walking and surfing at those beaches is the best way to spend the weekend."

Favourite food? Pasta with porcini mushrooms... yumm.