Kiwi born nail gun technology ready to redefine building industry

04 December 2018

This article was provided by Airbow Systems Ltd.

After decades of market stagnation, a New Zealand team of engineers and builders have innovated the nail gun to the point of creating a new category, as the AIRBOW® FRAMER launches to market throughout the country. Designed to increase productivity, have a low impact on the environment with miniscule combustion emissions and reduced site waste, plus proven long term value, the AIRBOW is the only product of its kind currently available, anywhere in the world.

Weatherproof, untethered, ergonomically-designed, safe to use, quiet, free from self-service and collaborative with most nail heads, the AIRBOW harnesses just 1gm of industrial compressed air to fire each nail. The power behind the tool is the unique HAMMER FORCE TECHNOLOGY®, a world-first valve actuation system using tiny amounts of air to deliver serious power, an evolution that is poised to redefine the building and construction industry globally.

The AIRBOW has an efficient refill process by clicking the gun’s valve into a high pressure air compressor. From empty, air is transferred into the gun in 10–20 minutes or less, depending on your compressor, leaving the gun full, ready for rapid and continuous firing. With each trigger pull, the used air escapes back into the atmosphere, no harm done.

General Manager Allan Collis says that feedback from the industry has already proven that the time is right for a nail gun that can get the job done in a better way.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback from builders all around New Zealand, many of whom are actively looking for better ways to run their business and protect their team and environment,” said Mr Collis. “From the moment they pick up the AIRBOW and fire a nail for the first time, it’s obvious that this tool is a game-changer for the industry. When we mention that there are no fuel cells or batteries, there’s an instant appreciation that we’ve created a powerful tool with a gentle environmental footprint."

Governed by an exceptionally experienced Board including Chairman Mark Binns, international expansion ambitions on the horizon as well as a strong product pipeline. Available exclusively in PlaceMakers stores around the country, you can find out more at