Recent project certification

01 February 2019

82 Wyndham Street

The project refurbished an existing B-grade building utilising sustainable building upgrade principles and the Green Star v3 rating tool, to reposition it to an A-grade building.

The upgrade included replacing HVAC, lighting, ceiling tiles, carpets and wall coverings. It also involved creating an end of trip facility and upgrading the bathrooms.

Location: 82 Wyndham St, Auckland

Rating Achieved: 5 Green Star NZ - Office Built v3

Building owner: Argosy Property Limited

Architect: Ignite Architects

Building services engineer: TM Consultants

Project manager: PHC Limited

Main contractor: Aspec Construction

GSAP: Vanessa McGrath, TM Consultants

Key sustainable features


  • A fresh air ventilation system that automatically adjusts to meet the level of occupancy, leading to improved energy efficiencies when the building isn’t fully occupied.
  • A zones VRV air conditioning system that allows simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones, preventing the need for terminal reheating. The system is zoned for perimeter and internal areas to provide improved thermal comfort. Zones are sized to be 75m2 or less.
  • 30-minute delayed start-up of the fresh air ventilation systems in a morning to reduce initial loads of the VRV air conditioning systems.


  • A check metering system has been installed that provides visibility of power usage for the building manager and tenants to enable greater control and decision making for ongoing energy reduction.


  • LED lighting system that incorporates daylight harvesting around the perimeter and zoned lighting that automatically adjusts for varying occupancy levels.

Domestic hot and cold water

  • A metering system has been installed that provides visibility of water usage for various landlord-controlled areas and for each tenancy, providing the building manager and tenants with information for decision making and for ongoing water use reduction targets. The metering system is viewed from a central server and provides leak detection by recording consumption from each meter and flagging significant spikes in consumption outside of historic trend data or long periods of flow.


  • A window film has been added to the existing glazing to minimise solar heat gains. This will make a significant contribution towards meeting reduced energy use targets.
  • An automatic blind control system has been installed to minimise glare. The system has the ability for manual override.


  • A post occupancy 12 month building tuning period will enable the building services to be fine-tuned to better meet the needs of the building occupants.

Water reduction

  • Water efficient fixtures and fittings have been installed to minimise water consumption.

Indoor Environment Quality

  • Use of low VOC paints and carpets; and low emission formaldehyde applied coatings, adhesives and sealants, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, engineered wood.
  • Design and installation of tenant exhaust fans on ground floor, levels one and level two.
  • Fresh air ventilation rates exceeding NZBC requirements.
  • Low glare LED lighting installed throughout.
  • Internal blinds for daylight glare control exterior facades.
  • Improved visual comfort due to good surface illuminance levels and electric lighting levels are no more than 400 Lux for 95% of the NLA measured at the working plane.

End of trip cycling facilities

Innovation points awarded
  • INN-1 Re-use of façade and structure
  • INN-2 Exceeding Benchmarks – TRA-1 Car park minimization
  • INN-3 Marketing Excellence
  • INN-3 Environmental Product Declarations