NABERSNZ certification boom is on now

04 February 2019

by Vivien Li, NZGBC

Thanks to an ‘end of year rush’, a large uptake in NABERSNZ ratings was seen during the first half of our financial year. 24 ratings were certified by December, nearly 20 of them during the two months prior to Christmas. Compared with the same time last year, only 2 ratings were certified to December 2017, a total of 27 ratings by the end of June…and we’ve still got six months to go.

While the building numbers speak for themselves, NABERSNZ square meter rated comparisons are truly impressive. In 2013 62,239 m2 underwent a rating, by 2017 this had risen to 193,518 m2, however, 2018 saw a whopping 453,405 m2 rated, more than a sevenfold increase. Many buildings are constantly improving year on year, saving hundreds of thousands in energy bills. More importantly, thousands more office working occupants are enjoying environments where energy efficiency is a priority, the health and wellbeing co-benefits speak for themselves.

NABERSNZ clients are vast, not limited to landlords, tenants, and building facilities managers. Clients come from all kinds of industry sectors: property development and management companies, government agencies and local councils, consulting firms, architectural practices, law firms, universities, real estate agents, power distribution companies and even hardware suppliers.

NABERSNZ clients see the value of ratings, not only as a simple and easy way to benchmark energy performance but, also a useful tool to drive continuous improvement of energy management. However, many other drivers are emerging, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to carbon reduction, reporting against company Corporate Social Responsibly metrics, and, attracting both local tenants and international investments, are key to clients’ decision making. GRESB reporting, which is driving international investment, is rapidly becoming a key driver for NABERSNZ ratings.

The new year has started, and although this massive increase in ratings has been achieved, the urgency is needed to take actions to improve the energy performance of buildings. Be bold, get started now and join the trail blazers building momentum towards a low carbon future, one that is better for your operational costs and occupant wellbeing.

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