Contact and Viridian supporting better buildings

05 February 2019

Contact Energy and Viridian Glass have shown their support for improving New Zealand’s built environment by becoming corporate sponsors of the New Zealand Green Building Council and backing the nation’s champions for better homes and buildings.

Dennis Barnes, chief executive of Contact Energy said, “Aotearoa is starting to gear up to transform into a low carbon economy. This is essential for our environment and economy and also to ensure healthy productive lives for New Zealanders. Contact Energy is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the New Zealand Green Building Council. We fundamentally believe in healthier more sustainable homes and buildings for New Zealand and are excited to be working on transforming kiwi homes and buildings for a brighter future”.

Contact Energy is the second largest electricity generator in New Zealand, with a renewable, flexible, and reliable generation portfolio. In the last five years, Contact has reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% - expressing their commitment to sustainability. Not only this, 80 – 85% of their electricity is from renewable hydro and geothermal stations. Contact owns dams in Clyde and Roxburgh and geothermal stations Te Mihi, Wairakei, Ohaaki, and Poihipi Road.

Richard Aitken, New Zealand General Manager, Viridian Glass said, “At Viridian we believe there is something special about natural light, even more special when glass is part of the solution designed to provide year-round comfort and reduce reliance on additional lighting, heating and cooling. It’s critical to ensuring healthier homes and a healthier environment for all kiwis. The New Zealand Green Building Council is doing great work in educating and transforming our built environment, so it was a natural step for us to become a corporate sponsor and help drive the change to get more done.”

Viridian Glass is the largest glass supplier and only manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. Viridian has operated in New Zealand since 1894 and is a pioneer in this sector. They provide many types of glass for diverse needs, including keeping temperature of rooms warm to lower energy consumption, as well as creating glass that allows natural light into homes and buildings, to create happier, healthier, and more connected spaces – which very much aligns with NZGBC’s beliefs.

Andrew Eagles, chief executive of the New Zealand Green Building Council said, “Kiwis deserve better, healthier buildings, which means New Zealand needs to transform how we build and how we refurbish homes and buildings.”

“To achieve this, we need to work together, collaboratively, with ambitious partners. That’s why it is awesome to welcome Viridian and Contact Energy on board as corporate sponsors of the New Zealand Green Building Council. It’s super to be making New Zealand buildings better with them.”

Contact and Viridian are joining APL, Warren and Mahoney, Bayleys Real Estate and Resene as primary corporate sponsors, and backers of New Zealand Green Building Council. This brings the complement of corporate sponsors to a close. We are looking forward to working with all of you in 2019.

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