Mason Brothers Building

21 November 2018

The building is designed in line with the Wynyard Quarter Sustainability Framework. In 2019, Mason Bros. was awarded both a 6 Green Star rating and a 5 Star NABERSNZ rating, New Zealand's first to achieve the highest possible rating for environmental impact from the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Project Summary

Refurbished warehouse conversion to office building with three office floors - ground plus two new suspended floors inserted into existing building volume. The facade includes a combination of existing brickwork, new curtain wall, new shop front glazing and refurbished glazing. The roof is a saw tooth roof with south facing roof lights.

Project Name: Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct, Mason Brothers Building 

Address: 139 Pakenham Street West, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Points Awarded: 78 points
Rating Achieved: 6 Green Star Custom Built

Building Owner: Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited

Architect: Warren & Mahoney

Building Services Engineer: Mott MacDonald

Project Manager: BECA

Main contractor: NZ Strong

GSAP: Anthony Calderone and Warner Brunton, Mott MacDonald

The key sustainable features of the building are:

  • Comprehensive commissioning and building tuning requirement specified to meet the best practice standard set by Green Star.
  • Good environmental management practices adopted during construction to minimise impact on the local environment.
  • Over 70% of construction waste by weight required to be recycled and hence to be diverted from landfill.
  • Inclusion of Environmental Management Operation rules in Tenant Lease Agreement
  • 96% of common uses PVC products required to be compliant with the best practice Guidelines for PVC
  • 94% of timbers specified to be FSC certified
  • All lightings scheduled to be LED.
  • Good insulation levels to reduce heating requirement.
  • Energy metering provided to allow monitoring and responsible use of energy.
  • Water efficient fittings to allow conservation of water if used responsibly.
  • No landscape irrigation requirements.
  • Low flow water fittings
  • Stormwater from the site is filtered to meet the required standard

Innovation points awarded

  • Pre-approved Innovation for Waterfront Auckland – Exceeding TRA-1 and one point for Smart Precinct. (2 points total)
  • Innovation Challenge - Market Intelligence (1 point)
  • Innovation Challenge – Financial Transparency (1 point)
  • Innovation Challenge – Material Lifecycle Impacts (5 points) 
6 Green Star plaque proudly displayed at the entrance to the Mason Bros. building