The tools to tackle climate change

02 April 2019


The West Coast of Aotearoa has been buffeted by wild and wet weather recently, prompting a state of emergency to be called in Westland. Highways and homes were flooded, bridges were damaged, roads were closed and washed out, rivers surged and changed course and power and phone lines were cut.

A few weeks ago, shortly before the terrible events in Christchurch, thousands of students across the country made a decision to abandon school that day, and instead to march, rally, and get together in over 20 New Zealand towns and cities to demand action on climate change. A group of staff from the office here at the Green Building Council went along to the rally in Auckland, and it was loud and passionate.

Almost 90% of New Zealanders want companies to do more to tackle climate change. 76% of us want the government to do more, and 79% of Kiwis reckon we could probably be doing more ourselves, according to research commissioned by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Buildings of all kinds have a vital part to play as New Zealand, and the rest of the world, works to slash climate change pollution in the next few years. New Zealand’s built environment is culpable for belching out approximately 20% of our carbon emissions.

Every single company, and every single government department, work in buildings. That means every institution in Aotearoa can act on what New Zealanders are calling for, and tackle climate change.

All of this makes the upcoming Green Property Summit even more enticing. New Zealanders are demanding a better, more sustainable future. Our sector is demanding a brighter, healthier future too. This is probably the most important time ever for the building and property sector in recent history.

At the Green Property Summit, we’ll be unveiling details of a new project to set Aotearoa on the road to a zero carbon built environment. We’re working to ensure all new buildings are operating at net zero carbon from 2030, and every single building in the country is net zero carbon by 2050.

Do join me and hundreds of other Kiwis in Auckland at the Summit to hear all about a brand new zero carbon certification for all buildings. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this exciting development, so do come and find me on the day for a yarn.

This new carbon-busting tool isn’t the only green authentication tool we’ll have for buildings. Green Star Performance can be used for any and all buildings, including hospitals, industrial units, schools, offices, and more. And this tool covers a range of important issues, from waste to water, to health and carbon too. If you’d like to know more, then do ask any of the team from the Green Building Council at the Green Property Summit. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ngā mihi o te tau hou