You told us. Member survey responses 2019

27 May 2019

Kua kōrero mai ki a mātou, you told us. 

We thought our 2018 Member Survey bagged a great response but 2019 has then hit it out of the ballpark. The ideas you’ve shared with us provided so many useful insights and constructive ideas to ensure all New Zealanders live and work in warm, healthy homes and buildings, and also clean up building and construction pollution.

Thank you to all who took the time to complete our member survey this year. We’ve gone well beyond doubling our responses since 2017, this year’s survey gives a better indication of our members’ opinions on how we are serving you and where you’d like us to concentrate our resources.

Congratulations Jacqueline Carpenter from long-time members, Heritage Carpets, the winner of the survey spot prize draw wellness package from SO Hotel luxury spa.

Here’s a summary of survey replies.

How do you connect with us?

Yay. While almost 60% of respondents said they had come to at least one NZGBC event in the past year, nearly 75% continue to regularly read the member news, and added a heap of useful ideas on what they would like to read more about.

Reasons for joining NZGBC

Again, there is not much change here. But we’ve moved from four to five top reasons you align with us:

  1. Support the movement for better buildings
  2. Support and or demonstrate sustainability leadership
  3. Influence the direction and be a voice on advocacy and policy issues
  4. Networking and marketing opportunities
  5. Access information and resources about Green Star

What do you think of our tools and training?

Training – we were delighted to see almost 70% of respondents that completed training with us, either agreed or strongly agreed that our training meets their expectations.

HomeFit – Great news. Over 60% of respondents had heard of HomeFit and 44% of those have completed the online check.

Homestar – over 60% of respondents working in the residential sector, said they were happy with Homestar.

Green Star – 66% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the tool, with only 27% neutral on the subject…this is a 10% improvement from last year, this was great to see, however, we won’t drop our focus in this area, you continue to tell us we have work to do.

NABERSNZ– almost 60% of respondents working with energy efficient offices, said they were satisfied or very satisfied with NABERSNZ, a further 38% had a neutral response to the tool.

But, nearly 85% of respondents agree or strongly agree rating tools are fundamental to improving the sustainability of buildings in the future. This was a 10% increase from 2018.

How we should increase the number of ratings?

The general feeling was that NZGBC should: run wider campaigns; improve tools and make them simpler and cheaper; ensure carbon reduction pathways are highlighted; ensure more incentives from central and local government.

How do we rate at HQ?

It seems that we’re not doing too badly. Overall we saw satisfaction with us did drop a little compared to previous years with 61% of respondents satisfied or very satisfied with NZGBC – a somewhat disappointing 15% decrease in those who are satisfied with us. Important to us is that a lot more of you are having a say, not just those who are incredibly engaged with our mahi. It's also very apparent that expectations of us have increased, and its time to step up even more.

You liked that we are:

  1. Leading by example and forcing the pace
  2. Communicating with passion and leadership
  3. Showing a huge drive for the improvement of Aotearoa’s building standards
  4. Linking with both industry and government 
  5. Working on Advocacy, Advocacy, and more Advocacy

But suggested we need to work on:

  1. Keeping a focus on simplifying things
  2. Gaining broader engagement with even more stakeholders
  3. Increasing opportunities for networking and educational workshops
  4. Consumer communication to educate and create greater presence
  5. Forming the voice and ensure it is heard
“You need to repeat a message seven times before people get it...keep banging the drum”.

Have perceptions changed in the wider market since 2018?

The top three barriers to sustainable building were way ahead of the rest, but views are changing:

  1. The focus on costs rather than benefits has almost halved
  2. Minimum building code requirements remained clearly the second barrier to increased sustainability in our buildings
  3. A reluctance to change and lack of commitment to quality has risen dramatically

Looking to the future

Over the next few years you’d like to see NZGBC:

  1. Continue to advocate for policy changes to enable the delivery of more green buildings and homes
  2. Increase consumer awareness
  3. Educate the property sector around wider sustainability issues

The single most important thing you’d like to see to improve our home and buildings are:

  1. Incentives for better building by local and central government
  2. Gaining more prominence, educate and inform
  3. Awareness of carbon pathways in our tools
  4. Maintain high standards of verification

The Member Survey provides a good check for us to see that our membership approves of our approach. We also talk to as many of you and non-members as we can during the year to build up as clear a picture as we can of market opinion to pick the best way forward.

The call for Advocacy remains loud and clear, and we continue to diligently work at this. You’ve told us that you are seeing the outcomes of the work we are doing, and we will continue to push for more. It’s being encouraging for the government to continue engaging with us and we have confidence that our insight and solutions will create more sustainable, lower polluting outcomes on a much wider scale than seen before.

In regards to pollution, you’ve told us that zero carbon should be an important focus for us, pathways to achieve this are being included in both Homestar and Green Star tools. We know that Buildings in New Zealand belch out around 20% of our climate change pollution. With your help, we’re going to fix that. Alongside our friends at Enviro-Mark Solutions, we’re developing a framework to shift our buildings to net zero carbon. Our early steps include holding public events around Aotearoa to listen to everyone who wants to tackle this problem, to collaborate and support each other’s mahi, and to share our thoughts too. We know we can’t do this without your support.

The last twelve months saw a surge in green financing schemes, Zero Carbon legislation is just around the corner, we will also see our first ever Wellbeing Budget and the science around climate change is telling us to act with ever more urgency. The soon to be released ‘New Zealand Buildings, Reducing Risk and Improving Returns’ will provide data and arguments around the importance of including ongoing and end-of-life costs into building cost calculations and ensure Aotearoa makes the inevitable shift to zero carbon, the expectation will move towards becoming an absolute requirement.

We also know from last year’s survey that increased consumer awareness was important to you, and it remains just as important for the year ahead. The launch of HomeFit in November 2018 kick-started us on this journey, and it continues to be an area we will re-examine in detail. To date more than 12,000 online HomeFit checks have been completed, so we know there is a huge appetite for this continued increase in consumer education.

However, most important to us is that we continue to support industry, and all our loyal members with more enthusiasm and passion than ever before.

Thank you again for your valuable input and your ongoing expressions of support!

“NZGBC Takes a leadership role, it forces the pace, but is also very engaging with early adaptors and those a little bit slower to adapt while also appearing non-judgemental”.
“NZGBC seem to be working at a more strategic level really well”.
“I enjoyed the lunchtime online learning sessions. They are much easier to make the time for than an in person event and can be a bit more targeted”.