Meet the Interns

11 July 2019

Ishita Mathur

Hi! My name is Ishita Mathur and I am a Senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Environmental Engineering. I came to Auckland, NZ through the International Studies Abroad Program to explore a new country and region I had never visited before or known much about, while also gaining experience in sustainable building and engineering. Currently, at NZGBC, I have been working on Homestar registrations and ratings under the NZGBC’s Senior Technical Coordinator. I have enjoyed my time in Auckland and the surrounding region so far (especially the food and the incredible views!) and am looking forward to travelling to the South Island soon!

Alejandro Vega

Kia Ora! My name is Alejandro, and while I grew up all over US and Germany, I call Hawai’i my home. Currently, I study Architecture as a rising sophomore at Georgia Tech. My role at the NZGBC is to examine, research, and revise Green Star standards, making sure we provide the proper resources and rigor. I do some side tasks as well, like touch-up images for social media posts and work on NZGBC Future Thinkers events.

I came to New Zealand because two years ago I fell in love with the people and culture here when I came on holiday, and saw Christchurch pushing architectural innovations. I wanted to work with the NZGBC because I felt that it would provide me with greater insight into Aotearoa’s design world. Climate change is happening. The design community has to not only propose solutions to mitigate our environmental impact now but also to prepare for the challenges that are going to come in ten, twenty years’ time. This, while maintaining our obligation to focus on how our designs affect people. I want to take the initiative as a second year and start implementing environmentally responsible solutions into my projects so that by the time I graduate this becomes automatic.

Karina Chow

Hi! I’m Karina Chow, a third-year student studying Environmental Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I have always been amazed by the beauty and complexity of nature. Like the Maori belief, I think people are managers of nature, not owners. We need many fundamental changes in mindset in order to move forward with sustainability. I am currently a technical intern at NZGBC, helping the office create different data sets and calculate its carbon emissions. I chose New Zealand as my internship destination as it is famous for its spectacular natural scenery. I would like to see how sustainability is practiced here, observing the differences in mindset, lifestyle, policy and social settings between New Zealand and Hong Kong, hopefully bringing new insights back to my hometown. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work in Auckland at the NZGBC office, I almost feel right at home with the many Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants around town!

Thomas Sullivan

Hey, y’all! I’m Thomas, a recent graduate from Elmhurst College in Chicago, Illinois. I was a triple-degree student in psychology, sociology and international studies with a minor in communications. I’m delighted to join the NZGBC team as their Marketing and Communications Intern, learning the ins-and-outs of effectively reaching our brand to the public sphere. In February 2020, I will commence a dual-master’s program in International Relations & Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. My academic goals couple well with the mission of NZGBC; moreover, choosing Auckland as a place to spend a few months was easy! My love for sustainability comes from the realisation that we, collectively, must do our part to work towards a green future for us and generations to come. I haven’t been here for that long (only a few weeks), but I already feel like Auckland is a home away from home. This city is a diversity hotspot, and it is beautiful seeing all types of different people engage with each other. I cannot wait to see what is more to come and how much more I can learn.