Invitation to contribute to Australian Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air conditioners over 65kW)

27 August 2019

On 4 August 2019, an exposure draft of the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners above 65kW) Determination was released for public comment.

The principal changes from the current requirements are the introduction of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and requiring the provision of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating information at the time of registration for air conditioners of over 65kW capacity.

The public comment period on the draft standard is open until 4 September 2019.

We would be grateful for your consideration of the entire document and we welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions, you may have. Feedback is due by COB Wednesday 4 September 2019.

Stakeholders in New Zealand should note that the determination would be called up by New Zealand’s regulations, so you should also provide any feedback, as part of this review.

For this draft, we have included a proposed mandatory start date of 1 April 2021. This timeframe is dependent on the Determination being published in a timely manner. We would like to hear your views on when the provisions in the Determination should begin.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Eddy (02 6275 9323) or Gary James  ( 02 6275 9064), Department of Energy and Environment ACT.