Meet the nominees for NZGBC 2019 Board elections

01 November 2019

Election year is looming, the zero carbon bill is on the horizon ... this is a critical year for NZGBC and our Board who will keep us on the right course. Member votes are open with one vote per member organisation. This year we have four nominees willing to serve on the Board. 

Brendon Aaron Dwyer – Beca Limited

Nominated by NZGBC Board

Brendon Dwyer is the General Manager of Building Services at Beca across NZ, Australia and Asia. Brendon has been an active contributor to the NZGBC, with the early formative establishment in the mid 2000’s and in technical working groups as the early Greenstar tools were adopted for NZ. More recently, Brendon has been involved in the NZGBC as an independent board member. This is a pivotal role providing valuable feedback from an international industry perspective to our team and direct access to a broad group of professionals operating in NZ. As part of his service on the board, Brendon has been a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk sub-committee.

Brendon has worked in several locations internationally, and spent 7 years in the UK, where he led the ESD team for a leading building services consultant in London. In his time in the UK, he became a passionate advocate for good quality, sustainable design solutions and was involved in a number of sustainable design projects across the UK and Europe. Brendon went on to become a BREEAM assessor which enabled him to provide input on a broad range of projects from commercial, through to healthcare.

Returning to New Zealand in 2005 as a chartered engineer (CPEng), Brendon has sought to leverage his experience from the UK in the NZ market. As an active member of the NZ Property Council, and through engaging with a broad range of industry bodies Brendon can draw on experiences of a wide network, where industry feedback can be garnered, and opportunities to influence exist.

Brendon is a passionate advocate for good quality, sustainable design solutions, and has a strong desire to contribute to the NZ construction industry, as we continue to develop our sector. The NZ construction sector is a significant component of the NZ economy, and touches all New Zealanders. We have a significant role to play in the development of a successful and sustainable NZ. Brendon sees this role at the NZGBC as a key opportunity to inform and influence our industry accordingly.

Qualifications and training

BEng (mech); MCIBSE; GSAP.

Jeff Clement Samasoni – Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities

Nominated by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities

Jeff has been at the forefront of the adoption of the Homestar tool into all new Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities (formerly HNZ) housing developments. Kāinga Ora has made a commitment that all new development residential housing will achieve 6 Homestar status. He is currently the Principal Advisor Quality Assurance at Kāinga Ora and has also had an extensive history with regulatory construction within local and central Government. Jeff has spent over a decade with Auckland Council building consent authorities in senior roles. On many occasions, Jeff’s wealth of knowledge with the Building Act and New Zealand Building Code has seen him being invited on committees and regulatory reviews to act as an expert in the field of construction. Most noticeably, Jeff was a technical expert for IANZ that is New Zealand’s premier accreditation body, and is responsible for accrediting building controls authorities throughout New Zealand.

Jeff’s passion for the New Zealand construction has seen him present “New Zealand Building regulations” papers in Manchester, UK, and Singapore, identifying bottlenecks in the consenting process stifling innovation and productivity. Increased productivity in New Zealand will also balance the supply and demand of housing which will produce drier, warmer and more sustainable homes than our previous stock and ultimately affordable housing for every New Zealander which is essential to achieving good wellbeing. His philosophy is that every building is fit for purpose and should be warm, dry and sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. Jeff envisages that a collaborative approach by all construction stakeholders working together sharing ideas, demonstrating best practice and lobbying for change, we are raising the standard of housing in New Zealand. Our geographic climate in New Zealand is unique and we are in the best position to cater our homes to our environment. Jeff also sees NZGBC as the pinnacle of setting the benchmark of delivering healthy and energy efficient homes to the people of New Zealand.

Qualifications and training

PhD (Engineering) Construction; Masters in Construction Management; Graduate Diploma in Building Management; National Diploma in Architectural Technology; National Diploma in Building Surveying (small, medium and large buildings).

Mitchell James Jefferson – Legacy Property NZ Limited

Nominated by Legacy Property NZ Limited

I am suitable to serve, having extensive knowledge across all aspects of the property industry and firsthand experience developing more Homestar rated projects than any other private developer in New Zealand. I am passionate about sustainability and would like to use my experience to help increase the success of Homestar and the uptake of sustainable buildings in New Zealand.

Over the last 12 years I have worked for Legacy Property – an innovative, forward thinking residential development and construction company, and held a directorship the past 4 years. I have been involved in all types of residential developments as well as mixed use projects. Recent products include ‘Solution Street’ – pre fabricated affordable and sustainable terraced housing as well as ‘’ – constructing transport orientated, affordable and sustainable apartments.

In 2013 I instigated the implementation of Homestar into all of Legacy’s projects. Legacy was the first Homestar multi-unit developer in New Zealand and has now completed 135 Homestar rated dwellings across 10 development projects. This is more than any other private developer in NZ and one of very few that have voluntarily adopted Homestar across all of their projects.

As Development Manager I have been involved in all projects right from their inception through to completion. I have been predominantly involved in sustainability, feasibility, design, specification, consenting, marketing and sales, as well as having oversight of the construction process.

As a Director I have also been accountable for the success of the company, having been involved in strategy, problem solving and all financial decision making.

I am an ‘out of the box’ thinker with a passion for sustainability and a desire to create better performing buildings. I believe my commercial experience will be hugely beneficial to the NZGBC and help to improve the success of the organisation and its divisions.

Qualifications and training

Bachelor of Property - The University of Auckland (2007).

Lance Michael Jimmieson – Jackson Engineering Advisers Ltd

Nominated by Stride Property Limited

Lance Jimmieson is the MD of Jackson Engineering Advisers Ltd, a specialist Building Services Consultancy company operating with branches throughout NZ since 1995. The business was developed from a concern that the majority of existing buildings, whether commercial, industrial, healthcare, etc, perform well below their design potential in terms of meeting tenant comfort expectations, prescribed process conditions and fail to meet their energy targets. The business has successfully pioneered a unique focus on improving the operation of installed building services systems within the built environment, making buildings fit for purpose, extending plant life, reducing tenant churn, reducing energy consumption and lowering their carbon footprint as a result.

With 40 years’ of ground up industry experience, Lance has focused on building up and training a highly skilled team of professional engineers who share a common vision that the cheapest and most environmentally friendly fuel is the one you don’t have to buy!

The work being undertaken is widely scalable with the right skillsets. It includes re-engineering existing systems, often requiring significant innovation, as well as designing new systems – both with a strong focus on achieving their design performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Lance has demonstrated ability to up-skill the general building services industry, drawing on specialist expertise with Building Management Systems, continuous commissioning and plant failure diagnostics, with development and delivery of industry training material to better equip building owners, managers and facility managers with the knowledge required to run their buildings more effectively.

Lance is keen to work closely with organisations such as NZGBC, FMANZ and CEPNZ to further the awareness and engineering ability of its members for the benefit of our future generations.

Qualifications and training

One of the first in NZ to qualify as a NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, Lance also co-wrote and delivers the Continuous Commissioning training course through the Carbon & Energy Professionals of NZ (previously the Energy Management Association of NZ).

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