Kāinga Ora south Auckland homes hit highest Homestar points for minimising construction landfill waste

04 February 2020

Papakura, the jewel of Auckland’s celebrated south, is sparkling as the sun beams onto hundreds of new homes.

Towards the north, as Papakura blends into Takanini, sits the McLennan development. McLennan boasts dozens of homes which, when it comes to construction waste – or, rather, a lack of it – are some of the greenest in Aotearoa.

The 58 homes, built across seven typologies, have been developed for Kāinga Ora, the government entity which combined all the major government housing units, including Housing New Zealand, into one body. Kāinga Ora are set to build hundreds of homes to Homestar standards.

And all of the dwellings, which are a range of standalone units, recently acheived Homestar 6 built ratings, and hit the highest points possible for the construction waste reduction and diversion category. Construction and demolition waste makes up around half of landfill waste in New Zealand, and each new home is estimated to generate an average of four tonnes.

But the McLennan homes picked up maximum points for meeting construction waste targets by only sending 5.3 kg/m2 off site for stage 1 and 4.4 kg/m2 off site for stage 2 to the waste contractor, Green Gorilla, who then diverted 80% of that away from landfill.

The dozens of McLennan homes also captured kudos for their closeness to public transport, hopefully helping people to rely less on cars. Being less than 800 metres away from a regular bus service, which connects to the booming electric trains running between south Auckland and the city will be kinder to family budgets, and kinder to the fresh air their children breathe.

Also helping the family budgets, and encouraging healthy lifestyles, are the veggie gardens that each home has.

We’re hoping to have more news soon closely related to this. And if you want to hear all the latest developments in healthy homes in Aotearoa, then be sure to come along to the Housing Summit on 19 May for what is certain to be 2020’s most impactful housing event.