Zero carbon road map hitting key milestones

04 March 2020

Photo by Kevin Benkenstein on Unsplash

It’s coming up to six months since we unveiled our new plan to slash climate pollution from buildings and construction, and we thought you’d like to hear how it’s progressing.

On the 24 September, during our most successful World Green Building Week ever, we launched A Zero Carbon Road Map for Aotearoa’s Buildings at Parliament during World Green Building Week. We also held launch events in Christchurch and Auckland, to rooms packed with hundreds of people.

The road map is the first comprehensive raft of solutions intended to tackle the problem of building and construction climate change emissions. The document calls for the Government to enshrine zero carbon buildings in the Building Code, a demand for energy efficiency declarations when selling or leasing, and also asks for key government ministries and departments to ensure all their buildings are independently verified as sustainable, and to slash embodied carbon.

The road map also contains the first ever zero carbon certification for buildings in New Zealand, developed with our friends at Toitū Envirocare.

During the launch week, we reached large numbers of New Zealanders through media coverage including, for example, Builders release ambitious zero carbon roadmap in Newsroom and The New Zealand Green Building Council calls for new buildings to be rid of gas and coal in Stuff.

The very next day after we launched, the roadmap got a huge boost when it was announced that the Government is promising to consider the road map to net zero carbon for buildings launched by the New Zealand Green Building Council and how it can support the Government's climate change goals.

Then, in December, a little under three months since the road map launched, and following the earlier Government promise to consider the roadmap, a plan to ban new coal boilers in buildings is proposed alongside a phase out of existing coal boilers used for heating in buildings by 2030, an ask in our roadmap. The public consultation on this is still open, and we’re preparing a submission which will be made public in the very near future, once we’ve submitted.

In the road map we are calling for the removal of fossil fuels combustion from buildings by 2030, and, in January, the Government proposed a ban on new coal-fired boilers for most uses and a phase-out of existing boilers by 2030.

We’ll report back regularly on progress with the zero carbon road map. If you’d like to show your support for zero carbon buildings, then you could share the road map alongside a supportive message on your own digital channels, or start the first steps on making your building zero carbon.