Update from Alex

30 September 2015

Member newsletter – September 2015

Positioning ourselves for the future

Like any organisation, it’s important for the NZGBC to periodically review the environment we’re operating in, and adjust our strategy accordingly.

What’s happening in New Zealand’s green building sector, and how can we ensure we’re meeting industry need?

As part of our strategy development process, we embarked on a strategic review of the green building market earlier this year. With the clear signal that sustainability is once again gaining in importance, we wanted to understand how NZGBC can stay relevant and effective in this rapidly evolving market.

Our research consisted of detailed one-on-one conversations with stakeholders from varied sectors, supplemented by an online quantitative survey distributed to both NZGBC and Property Council NZ members.

The final report is now ready to be shared with you on our website. I encourage anyone working in and around green building in New Zealand to read it – it provides an illuminating snapshot on where we’re at now, and what more needs to be done.

There are a few common themes that strike me as particularly relevant:

  • Many want to see NZGBC to move from pragmatism to a more challenging voice on building quality and environmental impact.
  • Most endorsed the usefulness of rating tools, but agreed we need to re-orientate Green Star for the next phase of change.
  • Many noted that we need to connect with building occupiers on the benefits of working in green buildings.

I would like to thank all those involved for your frank perspectives and critical analysis.

In particular I’d like to thank sponsor Mansons TCLM, a long-time advocate and practitioner of green building, for supporting our work. Thanks are also due to NZGBC Board members for encouraging and supporting the analysis.

The results of this review are being incorporated into our transformational three year strategy, more of which will be shared at our AGM on 2 December 2015.

This year, we’re also taking the opportunity to review our governance. The NZGBC Board has been considering changes to the Board structure that will update our governance arrangements to fit with current best practice.

By now you should have received the consultation paper on the proposed governance changes. In essence we’re proposing to reduce the size of our board, refine the membership structure and simplify voting rules to encourage broader participation.

We’d like to hear your feedback over the next two weeks – please take time to read the paper and let us know your thoughts.

It feels like exciting times in the evolution of our organisation – preparing us for the next big shift.

Thanks for your valued, ongoing support – we couldn’t do it without our members.