World Green Building Week 2020

21-25 Maramaiwa

Aotearoa, and the rest of the world, is facing two substantial challenges; we need an effective economic stimulus, and we need to slash our climate pollution.

These challenges will not be solved unless healthy, less polluting places for people are put at the heart of the solutions.

This is the most important time ever for the building and construction sector in Aotearoa. Our sector has a key role to play in tackling era-defining problems. That’s what makes this year’s World Green Building Week so vital.

This September over a thousand people joined us to celebrate World Green Building Week with a series of thought provoking events. Over the week we were joined by industry experts and bright minds to discuss the big issues, from social procurement, health & well-being to sustainable finance and the viability of shovel ready projects.

Thank you to our panellists, hosts, sponsors and to all those who got involved, asked questions, shared and engaged with us. We hope you enjoyed the discussions and were inspired to #ActOnClimate. You can find the recordings of all our webinars below, so please share with anyone who may be interested in listening to these conversations.

We’re not finished yet, as next Wednesday we discuss ‘How are our communities responding to climate change?’ and our WGBW2020 Photography Competition is now open!

WGBW 2020 Video Library

Social procurement: a massive untapped green game changer?
Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent by companies and government every year. Why is only a fraction being used wisely, to drive positive change? How can we fully realise the enormous potential for social and green procurement?
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Are we on the cusp of a healthy buildings revolution? Wellbeing, workplaces and the new normal
COVID 19 has thrust healthy places for people onto the wellbeing frontline. How can we ensure healthier, less polluting work places become the new normal?
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MBIE: Building for Climate Change
Consultation update Whole of Life Embodied Carbon Emissions Framework and the Transforming Operational Efficiency Framework
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5 million people. 1000 days. One big idea.
Join us for this webinar together with Auckland Conversations where our panel of industry experts will discuss the challenges they are currently facing and what they believe the new governments focus should be for the next three years.
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Is the financial services industry doing enough for a healthy, green Aotearoa?
How can the financial services industry play a significant part in driving sustainable, healthy buildings and communities? Does the industry have an obligation to do so? Tackling climate change makes economic sense, does it also make financial sense?
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Shovel ready. Can it ever work?
Governments around the world have looked to 'shovel ready' projects as a source of economic stimulus. But shovel ready projects have faced huge criticism for locking in outdated projects, missing massive opportunities to build back better, and for only protecting traditionally male jobs, and driving female unemployment. Can shovel ready as a concept ever deliver an economic stimulus that also delivers a zero carbon, more equitable Aotearoa?
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Wednesday 30 September 

Green Speak Waikato online. How are our communities responding to climate change?  
#ActOnClimate - NZGBC Waikato Forum has invited panellists from the Waikato and further afield to bring their ideas and actions to the table in celebration of #WGBW2020 and SDG Global Goals week.
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Thank you to our #WGBW2020 Sponsors: