Pushing for progress

26 February 2017

We’ve been doing a large amount of listening recently. It’s been great to hear from so many of you through the CEO national tour, the Homestar day of truth, member survey and at our other events. Thank you for your thoughts and interest in better buildings and homes.

Strong support for rating tools – over 165 people completed the recent members’ survey. Thank you. Useful insights were provided. A strong majority of you (78%) said that rating tools were vital for ensuring the sustainability of buildings in the future (17% were neutral). That is good to hear. You would, however, like us to have more influence. We are taking that ahead in a number of different ways.

Of all respondents, 96% reported they are very satisfied, satisfied or neutral (19%) with the NZGBC services. We are not standing still. Here is what we are doing to get that last 4%.

Improvements to tools – Homestar uptake has grown tenfold in the last ten and a half years and we want to continue this momentum. Responding to your requests, we’re streamlining Homestar so it’s quicker but just as robust. Version 4 is a big step forward. We expect to release it in July 2017.

Building owners and tenants of new and existing buildings are increasingly interested in operational energy efficiency. In response to many requests we are working hard to bring you a new performance tool by October 2017. NABERSNZ accreditation will meet the requirements of the energy element of this performance tool.

Excitingly both the Homestar and energy performance tool will allow you to volume certify, reducing costs and time.

Influencing – We are working with local authorities and others to help them consider incentives they can put in place to galvanise the market. We are also working with Government to encourage leadership in their own portfolios.

Shout it loud – Now you can showcase your certification on the exterior of your building. NZGBC offers Green Star and Homestar plaques. Order direct from us for a two week delivery.

I hope this summary has been useful. I look forward to seeing you at the Green Property Summit on 29 March. Do get tickets early. We are over 30% ahead of target on bookings.

All the best,