Homestar training courses

Knowledgeable experts are vital for a successful Homestar assessment. There are two qualifications available within Homestar: Assessor and Practitioner.

Homestar Practitioners have a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Homestar.

A Homestar Assessor can design and advise and they are also highly trained in the Homestar assessment process. They have the knowledge and expertise to lead projects through Homestar certification.  This is the only qualification that can carry out and submit a Homestar assessment for certification.

Homestar Practitioner Training

The Homestar Practitioner course is for people with an interest in healthy, warm homes, and their sustainability. This course is for those who want to play a key role in the sustainability of the built environment and are keen to communicate the benefits of Homestar.

This course is delivered online. 

After the course participants can take an exam to become a qualified Practitioner, which is a pre-requisite for becoming an Assessor.


Homestar Assessor Training

This course focuses on teaching an in-depth understanding of the theory and application of the Homestar rating tool, mastery of conducting an environmental assessment of residential stand-alone and attached homes, the processes involved in acquiring and collating appropriate documentation, and managing and producing a Homestar Appraisal, Design Rating and Built Rating. Only those with this qualification can carry out and submit a Homestar assessment for certification.

After the course participants need to pass an examination.

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Benefits of a Homestar Qualification:

  • A logo for use of promotional material
  • An online certificate that you can use online
  • Your details listed in the professionals directory, which is accessed by consumers and industry
  • Ongoing technical updates, news and access to events and training

Homestar Practitioners are not able to submit projects for Design or Built ratings. A Homestar Assessor is required for any rating.

Recommended pre-requisites:

We recommend Homestar Assessor trainees have a good understanding of sustainability, and/or experience in audit, survey work, design knowledge or building practice. One of the following professional qualifications is recommended:

  • Licensed Building Practitioner Level 2 and 3 
  • Registered valuer, engineer, architect, building scientist/technologist, quantity surveyor 


MemberNon-memberFuture Thinker
Homestar Practitioner standalone$595$795$495
Homestar Assessor standalone$895$1100$795


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