Green Star - Performance NZ

The New Zealand Green Building Council has launched a ground-breaking product, called Green Star Performance, transforming New Zealand buildings for the better.

Green Star - Performance assesses the operational performance of all types of existing buildings across nine holistic impact categories.

Since the introduction of Green Star in 2007, the NZGBC has been successful in certifying over 150 new buildings and fitout projects in New Zealand. Whilst this is an outstanding achievement, the NZGBC is now focusing its sights on improving the existing building market.

The Green Star - Performance rating tool allows building owners to measure and continually improve upon their buildings' operational impacts.

Green Star - Performance is innovative, by:

  • Delivering the only holistic rating tool for the existing building market in New Zealand.
  • Focusing on the operation and performance of entire buildings, allowing building owners, operators and occupants to collaborate and contribute to better environmental outcomes.
  • Establishing a common language for the monitoring and maintenance of operational performance.

Green Star - Performance is inclusive, by:

  • Rating buildings beyond commercial office buildings, including schools, shopping centres, public buildings, industrial buildings and hospitals.
  • Encouraging best practice outcomes through building operations.
  • Assessing buildings both with and without pre-existing Green Star certification.

For more information on Green Star - Performance, including the benefits and certification process, please see the info pack. 

Project resources for Green Star - Performance NZ are available here

Green Star Performance certification fees