Green Star - Design & As Built NZ

NZGBC is now able to rate all types of buildings. The Green Star Design & As Built NZ is designed for any typology and will supersede the need for Green Star Custom tools.

Green Star – Design & As Built NZ

Green Star Design and As Built NZ is an adaptation of the Australian-developed Green Star – Design & As-Built v1.2 and can be used to certify base buildings of any typology.

In 2018, NZGBC published pilot submission guidelines for Green Star Design and As Built NZ. In 2019, NZGBC incorporated the changes from the pilot into the submission guidelines and made further refinements following industry feedback.

Register a project

Green Star Design and As Built NZv1.0 is the newest version of Green Star, effective from the 11th April 2019. The deadline for registering projects under Green Star v3 was 31st October 2019. From now on projects wishing to register may only use the Green Star Design and As Built NZv1.0 submission guidelines.

To register a project, please download the Eligibility, Registration & Submission Form from this page and submit the completed form to

Opportunities for Industrial projects

Green Star is seeing an increased uptake in the Industrial sector and we are providing additional tools to assist the continued uptake.

Our ally in Australia, The Green Building Council Australia (GBCA), have recently issued the Green Star Industrial Guidance through intensive consultation with the industrial sector. This guide provides a set of pathways for Industrial facilities targeting a Green Star – Design & As Built rating, both speculative and tenanted projects. It aims to address key barriers such as shorter timeframes, standard procurement and the cost of certification and capital works. It also seeks to maximise opportunities such as the potential capacity for renewables and daylight, and provide clarity in areas of Green Star guidance that have been ambiguous for the sector.

We encourage you to read this guidance and use this to assist with your industrial projects. Given the differences between the Australian tool and the New Zealand tool, project teams are encouraged to contact the Green Star Technical team for further clarification at

You can find the guidance document here Green Star Industrial Guidance.pdf. The appendix A mentioned in the guidance can be downloaded from here

And you find the business case for using Green Star in your industrial buildings here through this link.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about rating your project under Green Star – Design & As Built NZ, please contact the Green Star team on (09) 951 0733 or