Green Star - Interiors NZ

New Zealanders want all of our buildings to be happy, healthy places. For our children. For our businesses. For our whānau. For our environment, so we can breathe fresh air and swim in unpolluted water.

Looking after what’s indoors, helps look after the great New Zealand outdoors, and provide a clean, healthy and happy legacy for our children, for our mokopuna, for generations to come.

That's why the Green Star – Interiors NZv1.1 certification has been developed. It can be used to certify the fitout ofany and all types of building, including retail, industrial and public buildings.

Register a project

Green Star Interiors NZv1.1 is the latest version of Green Star, effective from the 28th  April 2022. The deadline for registering projects under Green Star Interiors NZv1.0 is 28th October 2022. From then on projects wishing to register may only use the Green Star Interiors NZv1.1 submission guidelines.

To register a project, please download the Eligibility, Registration & Submission Form from this page and submit the completed form to

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If you have any questions about rating your project under Green Star – Interiors NZ, please do get in touch with our Green Star team on (09) 951 0733 or