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ANZ Healthy Homes campaign - Homestar and HomeFit

The ANZ Healthy Home campaign has increased the awareness of healthier homes in Aotearoa. Solutions to ensure we are living in healthier environments include both HomeFit - a simple check of the health of older homes, and Homestar - the standard our familes deserve for newly built homes. How do you take advantage of the preferential morgage rate for Homestar certifed homes, and, use HomeFit in older homes to guide improvements needed, so we deliver heathier homes for all of Aotearoa?

This webinar will give guidance for both builders working with clients, and home owners wanting to take up the ANZ Healthy Home loan package at various stages in the design and build process. It will also highlight the key differences and challenges of working with older homes and where HomeFit can assist.

Speakers: Alex Reiche, Building Excellence Group and Matthew Holdich, Senior Product Manager Home Loans

ANZ healthy Homes campaign - Homestar and HomeFit.pdf

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