HomeFit Assessor course

We offer a comprehensive training webinar for those who are experienced inspectors and meet the pre-requisite qualification requirements, covering the HomeFit Standard and how the Assessor App is used during a home inspection.

Course participants

The HomeFit training webinar concentrates on the HomeFit and Healthy Homes Standards and the assessment process. It assumes that participants already have an understanding of building science and the process of home inspection. You will become a qualified HomeFit Assessor and receive a subscription to the Assessor webapp after attending the webinar and passing an exam. The course includes a presentation followed by a live Q&A session. 

After successfully completing the training and exam, assessors will be required to sign the HomeFit Assessor Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions under which they agree to operate as a HomeFit Assessor.


1. Prerequisite qualification/membership. Participants need to meet one of the following qualifications or be a member of one of the following organisations:

• Certified Home Performance Advisor (HPA industry training)

• Completed and passed HPA's Principles of Home Performance course (find more information here)

Eco Design Advisor 

• Member of NZIBI (NZ Institute of Building Inspectors)

• Member of BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of NZ)

• Member of NZIBS (NZ Institute of Building Surveyors)

or 3 years relevant building/inspection experience

2. If you meet the requirements, please include this information in the application form when you send it to us, and attach a copy of the relevant certification if applicable.

Successful applicants can then register for the course.


After the successful completion of the training, participants are required to complete an online exam, submit a mock assessment and sign the HomeFit Assessor Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions under which they agree to operate as a HomeFit assessor including insurance requirements

The course fee includes:

  • Webinar access
  • The Assessor Exam
  • Subscription to the HomeFit Assessor web-app for one year

HomeFit Assessor benefits:

  • Your details listed in the HomeFit Online Check and the NZGBC directory
  • Access to the HomeFit Assessor web-app for completing assessments and generating reports & certificates for your clients
  • Use of the HomeFit assessor logo in your own marketing materials
  • Access to all downloadable resources and templates
  • An online certificate that you can link to or embed in online media

HomeFit Assessor training costs 

NZGBC member$325

HomeFit Fees

Assessment Submission fees

Assessors should set their own fees for HomeFit assessments, depending on costs to travel to site, number of visits required etc. Assessors are responsible for collecting the HomeFit fee payable to the NZGBC as part of their assessment fees (see below).

HomeFit Fee

The NZGBC HomeFit fee should be part of the assessment fee charged to clients. This fee covers the costs of NZGBC’s time in administering and auditing assessments, and maintaining HomeFit to ensure you are meeting the latest regulatory and technical developments when assessing homes across Aotearoa.

The HomeFit fee is valid for 12 months from the date the initial assessment was submitted. For any additional submissions after 12 months, a further HomeFit fee will be payable.

HomeFit fees can be calculated based on individual assessments or as a package:

1. Pay-as-you-go $65 per assessment

    This is the default option. At the start of each month, we’ll invoice you for $65+GST per assessment submitted the previous month. 

    2. Pre-paid HomeFit Licence*

      Pre-pay for your submission fees to access a volume discount. You can choose the licence that is right for you and your business, and if you go over your cap, you can easily upgrade to the next level and pay the difference. Email assessments@homefit.org.nz for more information. 

      Renewal, CPD and other professional development points

      Holders of HomeFit qualifications are required to renew their qualifications every year. Information on qualifications’ renewal can be found on the website here.

      While there are no requirements for FE points for HomeFit Assessors, all professionals will be required to undertake refresher training when a major tool update is released.

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