Homestar is designed to be an independent rating tool for assessing the health, efficiency, and sustainability of homes across Aotearoa.

Since launching Homestar in 2010, we continue to work with experts and organisations across industry and government to ensure it supports New Zealanders in the design, construction and liveability of resilient homes for the long term.

Homestar is a holistic tool to rate a home’s performance and environmental impact. A 10 Homestar rating recognises world leading standards for design, construction and efficiency in operation. A 6 Homestar rating recognises a home that has been built above the current standards set by the New Zealand building code.

Get involved. Find an assessor, or contact the Homestar team at the NZGBC.

Homestar v5

Homestar v5 is now available and we'd encourage you to register under our most ambitious version yet. There will be a transition period during which projects may be registered under either v4 or v5.  While we continue to train Homestar Designers and Assessors, we are extending the time that registrations can be made under the previous version of Homestar v4 to ensure the smooth running of the Homestar process. We anticipate the changeover to v5 coming in early 2023.

Find out more about the benefits of Homestar and the rating you can achieve for your home.

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