The rating process

Step 1: Engage a Homestar Assessor

Homestar assessments are carried out by accredited Homestar Assessors independent of the NZGBC. They provide design advice, compile evidence to submit to the NZGBC, and liaise between the NZGBC and the dwelling owner and/or development team. You may use your in-house Homestar Assessor if you have one, or, you can contact any of our accredited assessors through the assessor directory. Please note that Homestar Assessors will charge their own fees in addition to the Admin and Audit fee paid to the NZGBC. We recommend getting quotes from several different Assessors.

Step 2: Registration

Registering your project with NZGBC ensures the technical team is aware of the project and can provide support and guidance. It’s a good idea to register your project as early as possible. To register a Homestar project, complete the Homestar Registration Form and email it to Make sure that you have read and agree to the Homestar Terms and Conditions and confirm this on the registration box by ticking the appropriate check box.

Step 3: Pay auditing and admin fee

When a project is registered, we will send an invoice to cover Admin and Audit Fees. You can see how Homestar Admin and Audit Fees are calculated and download the Homestar Price Calculator for your own project.

Within two weeks of NZGBC receiving your payment, we will send a Homestar Registration Letter that specifies the registration codes for your project. This letter can be used to support resource consent applications if needed.

Step 4: Assessment

Projects can achieve two levels of Homestar assessment: Design and Built. Of these, only the Built rating is compulsory. However, most projects choose to be assessed at an earlier stage to provide assurance and enable the Homestar rating to be used before the build is complete. All assessments must be carried out by qualified Homestar Assessors.

For new build projects, the Admin and Audit fee covers both levels of assessment.

Design rating

To carry out a Design rating, the Assessor reviews the building consent (or later) design drawings and specifications against Homestar criteria. The Assessor must personally sight each piece of documentation before awarding points. The Assessor will then submit for Audit.

    Built rating

    All projects must undertake a Built rating. This is carried out once the project obtains practical completion and confirms the finished house has been constructed in line with the Homestar rating. Homestar Built ratings may be carried out for existing homes and new builds.

    To undertake a Homestar Built rating, the Assessor reviews the complete property and personally sights each piece of documentation. The Assessor will then submit for Audit.

      Step 5: Auditing

      Whatever level of assessment your project is undergoing, it will be audited by an independent third party.

      Step 6: Certification

      Once the final Homestar rating is confirmed, NZGBC notifies the project team and sends certificates and the appropriate logos to be used in marketing and communications.

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