Products and materials

We are frequently asked about how a product or building material can become "part of" our rating systems.

Homestar rates whole buildings, rather than building components such as products and materials. Under Homestar, materials that have certain attributes can receive points that contribute to the overall score of a rated home.

NZGBC does not test, review or certify products or materials. Instead, we utilise the work of third-party certification and eco-labels. They test and carry out environmental assessments of products and materials that relate to the Materials category credits. These organisations are independent from manufacturers, suppliers and the NZGBC; they identify products that are environmentally preferable compared to similar ones on the market.

When certain products or materials contribute towards points in a Homestar rating, this creates a valuable marketing opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers. NZGBC works with our product members to help them communicate how their products fits within Homestar.

Download a table of approved eco-labels and air quality schemes for Homestar