How Homestar means cheaper bills

Getting a Homestar rating requires planning, and paying your Homestar Assessor for their time, but it won’t end up making a house unaffordable. In fact, affordability is one of Homestar’s key advantages.

Homestar helps reduce the cost of running a home, especially in terms of energy and water savings. Over seven years (the expected home ownership period), homes rated 6 Homestar enjoy annual savings on energy and water bills of $573-$729 per year.

Homestar 6 is the minimum warm, dry, healthy standard of home that Kiwi families deserve. A cheap home built just to the substandard Building Code will almost certainly perform poorly, and rack up higher household bills. Building to the minimum Homestar 6 standard will help give you a better home and, because it rewards good, simple design choices, like placing windows to maximise sunlight, the costs are minimal, and the benefits for you and your family are extensive.

We’d expect the higher end of building a typical home to a warm, dry minimum to be just $8000, and it will be significantly less than that in most cases.

The 2013 Homestar Cost Benefit Analysis demonstrates why it’s worth using Homestar, whether you’re building or renovating. This report is based on a previous version of Homestar.

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