Green Star - Version 3

The Green Star v3.2 Technical Manual is available for your projects now!

Green Star v3.2 Technical Manual

This is the newest version of Green Star, effective from 1st January 2018.

Following the release of Green Star v3.1, a number of Technical Clarifications and corrections have been issued. These clarifications and corrections are now be updated directly into the v3.2 and tracked in a change log at the front of each section.

The Green Star v3.1 Technical Manual

For more than seven years, Green Star has been successfully influencing and improving New Zealand’s commercial built environment. As with every building rating system, it’s important to refresh the tool to ensure Green Star is up to date and meeting industry needs. While there have been incremental tweaks, this is the first major review of Green Star since 2009.

This version of the technical manual incorporates all credits and criteria for Office, Education and Industrial projects and is available for free download, along with a summary of changes:

Green Star v3.1 Technical Manual

GSv3.1 Summary of Changes

For additional related guidance documents, please refer to the Public Green Star Resources page, or for submission forms, templates and calculators please refer to the GSAP Resources available via GSAP login.

Green Star version 3.1 includes the update of four key categories: Innovation, Energy, Water and Materials. Read on to learn about the changes.

Please note Green Star Interior v3 Tool has not been established. Project targeting Interior Rating could still register under the 2009 version. Should a project wish to use any new criteria to replace the old criteria for Interior project, please contact NZGBC for further discussion.

This deadline for registering projects under Green Star v3.1 is 31st December 2017.


We’ve made the Innovation category of the tool more flexible, streamlined documentation and provided clearer guidelines about achieving Innovation points. Find out more.

Energy and Water

We’ve made the link with NABERSNZ requirements more explicit, enabling easy ratings of buildings and office fit-outs, and we’ve revised the Peak Energy Demand credit to become more attainable. The review has also resulted in a bigger-picture view that recognises better water-efficiency outcomes. Information on these changes.


This category is adapting to the big changes expected in this space over the next few years, particularly as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) comes within reach of more project teams. The changes will bring more consistency to how NZGBC assesses materials, and more flexibility is now offered within the Timber, Concrete and Steel credits. NZGBC has also created a Materials calculator to simplify the documentation needed to target these points. Information on these changes.

GSAPs are required to attend a Green Star Refresher seminar to learn about the review, the new and amended credits, and how the changes offer new advantages for their projects. The seminar is available online.

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes, so get in touch with any comments, or if you have any questions about the new and improved Green Star.

NZGBC would like to thank these sponsors for their support of the Green Star update:



Green Star V3 Refresher Video

The revised Green Star rating tool contains new and amended credits, new resources and a very different take on Innovation points. This Green Star Refresher seminar will provide GSAPs with the context for the review and show them the advantages of these changes. The seminar will also demonstrate to GSAPs how the new and revised credits can be incorporated into their projects now and in the future.

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