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Wouldn’t it be great to have an intelligent hot water controller that manages the way you heat your hot water. Where you only heat the hot water when you need it, automatically sterilizes your hot water cylinder to kill off any legionella bacteria. Or when you go away on holiday able to have the cylinder switched off or have the option to BOOST your hot water for when extra guests turn up.

How the iSmart Controller™ works: Many cylinders maintain far more hot water in reserve than is usually required. But the trouble is most cylinders still use technology that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1950s. The result? Needlessly high power bills. Generally, our cylinders are powered by an electric heating element that fires up when a thermostat signals the water temperature has fallen below 60°C. However, constantly keeping a cylinder of water hot when it’s not needed isn’t efficient. No matter how well-insulated a cylinder is, it will always lose warmth, and many cylinders maintain far more hot water in reserve than is usually required. It’s often more efficient to let the water temperature in the cylinder cool down during times of low demand until about 30 minutes before you need hot water – much in the same way you only boil your kettle right before you want a cup of tea. Even when you’re at home you may only need to keep as little as a third of your tank kept hot, especially in the evenings when you only need a bit of hot water for cooking and washing up. The iSmart Controller™ offers an alternate solution whereby power to the cylinder can be managed locally by an intelligent control device via an LCD touch screen that responds to the needs of the household, and the available useful hot water in the cylinder. With the appropriate profile setup in the controller, peak power demand periods may be avoided and therefore the demand shifted to another time period.

  • The iSmart Hot Water Controller gives you the power to regulate how and when your hot water cylinder goes to work – with clever technology that remembers how much you use and how much you’ll need.
  • Connect the in-home easy-to-use LCD colour display smart screen to an existing cylinder, and set your profile based on your hot water usage and history
  • In doing so, it calculates if there is enough hot water and only heats up when required, helping you avoid wasting electricity to heat water when it’s not needed
  • The science behind the operation is based on stagnation control – water in a storage vessel stagnates, hot water will rise to the top, by measuring at two locations we know how far down the cylinder the level of useful hot water is – this way, efficient control can be achieved
  • Different functions including BOOST mode if extra guests turn up or you want more hot water available, and HOLIDAY mode so your hot water can be safely turned off while you are away
  • Also features legionella protection, meaning once a week the water automatically gets up to 60 degrees to kill any legionella bacteria, making it safe for you and your family
  • In an article by George Block of Consumer New Zealand, the iSmart Hot Water Controller was trialled, and it was found that even homes with lower hot water demand can reap the benefits of the product