Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Kōrero mai ki a mātou 

Buildings in New Zealand belch out around 20% of our climate change pollution. With your help, we’re going to fix that.

Come and join us at these events outlined below as we share our perspective. More importantly, let us hear yours.

Christchurch I Auckland I Wellington Dunedin 11 – 20 June

There is a belief that carbon emissions from our built environment account for 2-4% of our total carbon emissions (depending on the source referenced).

But, as discovered by thinkstep in a 2018 report, the reality is quite different: our buildings contribute about 20% of national emissions when we consider emissions that are consumed within Aotearoa, removing those in exported products that will ultimately be emitted to the atmosphere overseas.

The Zero Carbon Act handles methane separately from other greenhouse gases. In line with that, if we consider all other emissions, buildings make up a much more significant portion of our emissions than is often quoted.

The reality is that buildings contribute a huge portion of our national carbon emissions. More importantly, they contribute far more to our lives than simply carbon.

Buildings are the places where we spend more time than anywhere else - something we should work to change for many reasons. While that is the case, however, high electricity prices combine with poorly performing buildings to leave many people choosing between food and warmth each winter. The result: an estimated 1,600 avoidable deaths each year.

Alongside our friends at Enviro-Mark Solutions, we’re developing a framework to shift our buildings to net zero carbon. But we can’t do this without your support.

As part of the framework, we’ll initially offer a comprehensive net zero carbon building certification in partnership with Enviro-Mark Solutions for existing commercial buildings. Over time, that’ll be developed into a comprehensive standard that could be used to decarbonise all of Aotearoa’s buildings.

But this isn’t just about carbon.

It’s also about creating the conditions that enable voices to be heard, stories understood and expressed, and for those stories to have an opportunity to effect meaningful change.

We need to listen, so we’re creating spaces to listen.

We know you care, and we want to know why.

We know you’re doing great work, and we want to support it.

Come and join us as we share our perspective. More importantly, let us hear yours.

ChristchurchAucklandWellington I Dunedin 11 – 20 June